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Our story began with a mix of uncle Jesse Manibusan's Homeland album and the feeling of mahalång (yearning for something). Brothers, Jeremy and Jay Castro, had a deep yearning for meaningful connection to their Indigenous culture and has since introduced them to many inspiring CHamoru culture practitioners and important CHamoru mentors.


Our mission is to encourage harmony by sharing hafa adai, the CHamoru greeting embodying warmth and unity. Let's spread its spirit and embrace the adventure of learning, giving, and connecting. 


We envision a future where Indigenous people are connected through place and culture, no matter where they are in our big, beautiful world. Together, co-creating an economic ecosystem ofchenchule(social reciprocity) built to support and empower our culture and its people.


Our philosophy is rooted in the past, present, and future CHamoru people and values. We uphold the 7 Generations Thinking, where we design for the 3 generations before us, the current generation, and the 3 future generations.

We recognize and honor those already doing this work. We hope our learnings and contributions can also benefit, empower, and celebrate you. 


We strive to model the behavior of the following CHamoru values:

  1. Chenchule’: Social reciprocity
  2. Akseptasion: Willingness to accept and understand qualities in others
  3. Mina’tatnga: Courage
  4. Maolek Kotdura:  Having good judgment
  5. Respetu: To show respect to others
  6. Inafa’maolek: Compassion and harmony
  7. Inagofli’e: Friendship
  8. Minagahet: Honesty
  9. Responsapbilidat: Responsibility
  10. Mana’ayuda: To assist each other for a common goal
  11. Gineftao: To be generous
  12. Minesngon: To work hard to reach goals even when it gets difficult
  13. Hulat Maisa: To work hard to control your thoughts and behavior

Jay Castro is a design leader and social advocate in the tech industry. For nearly two decades, he's helped bridge gaps with language and design through mutually beneficial partnerships, product strategies, and community engagement.

"I feel like a descendant of a modern-day CHamoru explorer who's been gone long enough. And that the time is now to collectively bring back our acquired skills and learnings to our people.”


Jeremy Castro is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Brand Marinade, a Chamoru-owned creative agency. Jeremy has created gallons of fina'denne' for family and friends to enjoy, but he's also the inspiration behind the Fina'denne' song by CHamoru artist Sabyu, and the momentum for our brand.

“Fina'denne' is a traditional Chamoru sauce made of simple ingredients... but when paired with other foods, fina'denne' brings out the best qualities of them. This is how we want to live our day to day lives—bringing our skills and energy to our community to bring the best out of everyone involved. All it takes is a mix of some simple ingredients to create something extraordinary and then apply that mix to the culture we love."


Benny Anderson is a technologist, developer, and language learning advocate. He serves on the board of the Hafa Adia Golf Classic and with his family, he's actively relearning the CHamoru language. 

"I want to help our communities showcase the beauty of our language and culture through technology with the hope of making it easier to learn our history, to speak our language, and pass it."


Council of elders

This our board. No age requirements to be on our board. Our board rotates every 5 years.

Joanna Duenas is a seasoned business leader and community activist who has focused her life’s work on helping businesses, nonprofits. and community-based organizations through organizational change and transformation. 

"We aim to create, curate, and facilitate the sharing of ours and others products and services focused on cultural preservation and economic development for Indigenous communities. We are united in our love of Chamoru culture–especially the food and language. By coming together like the Chamorro condiment Fina’denne', we create a space for others to likewise come together to share their knowledge, experiences, talents, and treasure as well.” 


Kalani Joe Castro is a creative and wise elementary school student in Alameda, California. He learned to blow the kulu (conch shell) at the age of 6 and within 1 year Master Navigator Pwo Larry Raigetal said of Kalani “Wow, that kid can blow the conch like a mad man!” He’s also Jay’s eldest child.